Enjoy a Special Bonus Offer when you purchase MaxiDerm!
Enjoy a Special Bonus Offer when you purchase MaxiDerm! Enjoy a Special Bonus Offer when you purchase MaxiDerm! Enjoy a Special Bonus Offer when you purchase MaxiDerm!
Enjoy a Special Bonus Offer when you purchase MaxiDerm!

Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about MaxiDerm:

"I could use a little help with the studly lover thing… I just never had the confidence to really go for it, and you know what that'll do to your tool. In my first few days using the MaxiDerm patch, I already notice better responsiveness and sensation."
Kelly C

"I'm not in the market for anything to go wrong with my equipment. I use MaxiDerm for the extra assurance of being at the top of my game every time out. Works great, and I really like the patch approach."
Randy B

"I'm here to tell you that a better erection might be all the penis enhancement you need. MaxiDerm just makes everything harder and bigger."
Mark A

"The patch is great! I used a patch to quit smoking, so I was very glad to find that sexual enhancement comes in a patch now, too. This one really delivers."
M Allen

"Since a devastating breakup last year, my self-confidence has totally been in the crapper. I know I shouldn't let insecurity about one chick wreck everything for me, but the more I had something to prove, the worse the results were. Humiliation every time I got with someone. Just ridiculous. MaxiDerm has given me back my old body, and better. Everything works as it once did, only I'm harder, feel better and last longer. It's amazing. No more doubts!"
R Gagnon

"When I first saw this patch, I thought, NO WAY. I mean, it's like a little sticker. How could that do anything? But it turns out lots of medications are given this way now, and I found out first hand it works great. Definitely does the trick!"
M Halashewksi

If you wish to participate, please send your BEFORE and AFTER photographs, along with a hand-written testimonial, to the following address:

Albion Medical, 2414 4th Avenue, Greeley, Colorado, 80631 USA

Please make sure to include your full name and address with your photographs and testimonial. If we decide to use your photographs, we will send you a Release Form, which must be signed and sent back to us. This form authorizes the use of your “Before and After” pictures, along with your testimonial, for our website. If your photographs are used on our website, you will be paid $500.00 US. To make sure we use photographs of actual customers, we require a full nude photograph, from head to toe, but we will only publish photographs of your penis and surrounding area. You MUST also be holding a box of MaxiDerm next to your penis in the “After” photograph, so that we know you are a customer who has actually received and used our product.


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