Enjoy a Special Bonus Offer when you purchase MaxiDerm!
Enjoy a Special Bonus Offer when you purchase MaxiDerm! Enjoy a Special Bonus Offer when you purchase MaxiDerm! Enjoy a Special Bonus Offer when you purchase MaxiDerm!
Enjoy a Special Bonus Offer when you purchase MaxiDerm!


Better sexual performance
Harder, more powerful erections
Stronger orgasms
Faster recovery

In a word, YES!

Medical Doctors, Naturopathic Health Professionals and Sex Therapists AGREE:

Transdermal technology is a highly accurate and effective way to administer pharmaceutical ingredients directly to the bloodstream, resulting in:

  • no dilution of potency
  • no nausea or side effects to the digestive system
  • continuous, time-released delivery
  • more accurate blood levels of desired ingredients

MaxiDerm ™ has it! Now this technology is available as the #1 formula for men's sexual health and performance, self-esteem, confidence and life satisfaction. The “patch” method is now being used successfully for thousands of medications - hormone treatments, anti-depression meds, birth control, smoking cessation and hundreds more - because of its ease and convenience of use, long shelf life, effective administration of ingredients and accurate dosing.

Thousands of men have already used the MaxiDerm patch to successfully achieve:

  • Natural penis enhancement
  • Harder, longer-lasting erections when aroused
  • Better ejaculation control
  • Consistently stronger sex drive
  • Greater orgasm intensity

MaxiDerm ™ is the result of years of research and the latest up-to-the-minute know-how on transdermal pharmaceutical delivery. Not only does it work great, but men love the convenience and ease of using it.

And: It's backed by a 100% money-back guarantee!

Why doctors and patients choose transdermal technology

MaxiDerm ™ patches release their active ingredients directly through the skin into the bloodstream in a sustained, gradual way over several hours. Because the ingredients don’t have to travel through the stomach, potency is much more predictable and efficient. And unlike pills which often have to be taken at frequent intervals, the MaxiDerm patch is a simple one-time application for full strength throughout the day.

For male enhancement, this method works so well because the MaxiDerm patch maintains consistent, non-fluctuating levels of active ingredients in the bloodstream - so there are no sudden dips or crashes. It's ready when you are! Simple, convenient and discreet.


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