Enjoy a Special Bonus Offer when you purchase MaxiDerm!
Enjoy a Special Bonus Offer when you purchase MaxiDerm! Enjoy a Special Bonus Offer when you purchase MaxiDerm! Enjoy a Special Bonus Offer when you purchase MaxiDerm!
Enjoy a Special Bonus Offer when you purchase MaxiDerm!

Questions & Answers About MaxiDermô

q: What does MaxiDerm do?

a: MaxiDerm has been shown to increase overall virility and sexual health in men. The most common benefits are better hardness and stamina of erections, increased physical sensations, improved sex drive, greater confidence, and consistent, reliably superior sexual performance with continued use of MaxiDerm.

q: How does MaxiDerm work?

a: Using the latest transdermal technology, MaxiDerm gradually releases all-natural active ingredients right through the skin and directly into the bloodstream. Many prescription medications are now available with this delivery method, known for its accurate and potent dosing and predictable blood levels of the pharmaceutical ingredients.

q: Are there any side effects?

a: There are no side effects at all. And because MaxiDerm is a transdermal patch, there is no chance of stomach upset common to direct oral intake of supplements.

q: How soon can I expect to see results?

a: You'll feel the effects from the first day, and realize the full effect within weeks or months. Most men on Maxiderm like the idea of not having to take pills twice a day. With Maxiderm patches, they are simple to take with you and they canít be seen because they are covered by your clothing. If ever questioned, you can simply say you are quitting smoking. No one needs to know but you!

q: How should I use MaxiDerm?

a: Apply one patch every 72 hrs ( 3 days ) to a hairless, clean, dry area of your front or back above the waist, upper inner area of your arm, or inner thigh or abdomen area. Move patch to a new location every 24 hrs. Remove used patch before applying a new patch.

q: Is MaxiDerm FDA approved?

a: FDA approval is not required for MaxiDerm, because it is not intended to diagnose or treat a specific disease. Yet since MaxiDerm is made with all natural ingredients and proven ancient Chinese herbals in a safe, pharmaceutical-grade laboratory, you can count on quality and safety.

q: Is the package shipped discreetly?

a: Yes, your privacy is protected. The outside of the package does not reveal anything about its contents.

q: Is it safe to order online?

a: Yes, our secure server is reliable, quick and easy to use. We use the latest technology for complete protection of your information.

q: How do I order?

a: Just click here. The simple instructions will take you through the quick ordering process.

q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

a: Yes. We'll refund 100% of your money if you aren't satisfied.


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